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Time for a change

In 2014, TomTom research estimated that motorists were stuck on the region’s roads for an astonishing 74 hours. Additional research also suggests congestion in the region is costing the local economy £600 million per year.

It's time for a change and there are plenty of ways you can help cut down congestion and improve the local air quality.

Public transport plays a huge role in helping to reduce congestion by taking thousands of cars off the road each year. Network West Midlands’ partners have invested millions into local transport, with new buses, trains and trams, and improved information for all through journey planning, real-time information and mobile technology.

The region’s local authorities have invested in providing bus and cycle lanes, and priority traffic light systems at busy intersections to ensure our transport network keeps moving.

If you're still stuck in congestion, why not try our transport network today? We make it easy to plan your journey and have tickets for everyone.

We understand some people still need the car but have you thought about cleaner, greener vehicles, car sharing to and from work, or using our Park and Ride sites to easily access frequent rail and metro services?

Car sharing

Travel with friends or colleagues and save £s                      

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Electric cars

With more charging points across our cities, is it time you went electric?

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Park and ride

With sites across the rail and Metro network, it makes sense to avoid the congestion and relax on your commute.

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