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Request a new bus shelter or stop pole

If you would like to request a shelter or stop pole in a new location please fill in the form below. This will start the process of consultation and evaluation which may lead to a new stop pole or shelter being installed.

Please note that we can only install stop poles or shelters at locations which meet with Local Authority's highway safety criteria.

Type of request:  

  • Install bus stop – install a new bus stop pole in a new location
  • Replace bus stop – replace an existing bus shelter with a pole
  • Replace bus shelter – replace an existing bus stop pole with a shelter
  • Relocate – move an existing bus stop pole or shelter to another location

Requests are dealt with in accordance with our Bus Stop and Shelter Request process, as detailed below. This summary outlines the steps required when a resident within the West Midlands requests a bus stop or shelter from Transport for West Midlands (TfWM). A request must first meet the Bus Stop and Shelter Request Criteria in order for it to be considered.


Bus Stop and Shelter Request Criteria
  1. (Proposed) Bus Stop/Shelter location is within the West Midlands
  2. Bus Stop/Shelter is the responsibility of TfWM
  3. Customer clearly states reason(s) for request and what action is required
  4. Receives majority ward councillor written support
  5. Receives Local Authority (Council) support
  6. Meets minimum passenger usage
  7. Request is not during Consultation or wider bus network review
  8. Shelter relocation or removal approved by TfWM Appeals Panel
  9. TfWM to notify affected residents of any change, allowing 14 days for response
  10. Request not already considered by TfWM within the previous 12 months (exception to this is where there has been an infrastructure change affecting the request)
First Step – Ward councillor support

A resident must first seek the majority support from their respective ward councillors. Residents can find the names of their ward councillors, including their contact details, by entering their post code on the following website: TfWM is able to provide these names and contact details directly if requested.


The Councillors are required to provide their support, in writing, to TfWM by either:


Write to:          Customer Relations, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD


Second Step – Site Visit

Once majority ward councillor support is received, TfWM will then make a visit to the location which will include a passenger count. The Local Authority (Council) will also carry out a highway safety assessment to determine whether or not a stop or shelter can be safely accommodated.

Bus Shelter Removal and Bus Shelter Relocation only

Following the site visit by TfWM and the Local Authority, the request will be considered by the Bus Shelter Appeals Panel. The Panel consists of a TfWM Customer Relations Officer, a TfWM Network Delivery Officer and a nominated Officer. This is where all the evidence is reviewed and a decision is made “in principle’’. A final consideration will be made by Members of the Transport Delivery Committee at their Putting Passengers First Lead Member meeting. These meetings are held monthly.

Third Step – Notifying residents

Following the site visit by TfWM and the Local Authority, the final step will be for TfWM to notify all affected residents, in writing, of the change. TfWM will allow 14 days for residents to respond. If any objections are received from residents then TfWM will review these on a case by case basis and respond accordingly.

Final Step – Outcome

The resident and ward councillors will be notified of the request outcome. If approved, then TfWM will explain the next steps. If TfWM is unable to fulfil the request at any time, the reasons for this will be explained.

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Please provide details of the requested shelter location.

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