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Cycling in the West Midlands

It’s easy to get around by bike in the West Midlands. We’re investing in new cycle routes and you can take your bike on public transport for free.

Cycling UK and British Cycling have lots of advice for cyclists. If you’re new to riding a bike, the cycling charity Sustrans has a guide for beginners.

You can get a free bike safety check at your local railway station if you come to a Love Your Bike event. You can also get free bike register security marking and maintenance advice.

We also have a guide for organisations who want to encourage their staff to cycle.


Find cycling routes

Plan safer and quieter routes with our cycling maps.


Take your bike on public transport

You can take folding bikes on all buses, trams and trains in the West Midlands. You can take non-folding bikes on most trains. Find out the rules for taking your bike on public transport.


Store your bike at a station

Find secure, weather-proof bike storage and cycle stands.


Cycle hire, shops and clubs

Find where you can hire, buy and learn how to use bikes in the West Midlands.


Get your Roll on

There’s never been a better time to cycle around your local area than right now. We are introducing new ways for you to get rolling easier and safer through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discover new ways and get active on pedal

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