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West Midlands On-demand

West Midlands On-demand is a new type of bus service available in Coventry and the University of Warwick. It does not follow a specific route.

You can book a journey without needing to use a specific bus number or stop. One of our minibuses will pick you up at the time you choose.

Introductory offer! All journeys are free of charge between 26 April and 21 May 2021.

On-demand is available Monday to Friday, 7am until 7pm in:

  • Balsall Common
  • Kenilworth
  • Leamington Spa
  • Meriden
  • University of Warwick
  • Warwick Parkway
  • Wellesbourne


On-demand uses accessible minibuses which have space for one wheelchair. You can tell us that you use a wheelchair when you register.

You can bring assistance dogs on the bus with you, but all other dogs are prohibited.

See our guidance for travelling during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Register for on-demand bus

You need to register before you can book a journey: 

  • download the app (Google Play / Apple IOS) or call 0345 034 8670
  • create an account
  • add your payment card or link your PayPal account

On-demand bus has a separate privacy policy and terms and conditions.


Book a journey

To book a trip:

  • open the app, or call 0345 034 8670
  • choose your destination and journey time (you can book immediately or up to two days in advance)
  • confirm your journey and pick-up point

Sometimes the app might suggest you take a normal bus service to save time. You can choose to ignore this and continue to book the on-demand bus service.


Change a booking

You cannot change your destination once you have booked your trip. You should cancel it and rebook.


Cancel a booking

You can cancel a booking in the app. Try to do this well in advance of your booked trip.

If you don't show up for your trip on several occasions, we might suspend your account.


Catching the bus

You will be told a time and a place to catch the bus from. Arrive ahead of your pick-up time as we cannot wait for you if you are running late.

You should hold your arm out when you see the bus approaching.

If the bus does not turn up, check the app or call 0345 034 8670.

The bus is not a taxi. You will pick up and drop off other people on the way to your destination.



All journeys are free of charge between 26 April and 21 May 2021.

After 21 May, prices are based on journey distance. You can add up to three people you're travelling with for £1 each.

You will be charged after you complete a journey.

You cannot use your free travel pass or Swift card with this service.


Journeys starting in Coventry to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • Kenilworth - £4
  • University of Warwick - £3 


Journeys starting in Kenilworth to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • University of Warwick - £3
  • Wellesbourne - £5 


Journeys starting in Leamington Spa to:

  • University of Warwick - £4
  • Wellesbourne - £5


Journeys starting at University of Warwick to:

  • Coventry - £3
  • Kenilworth - £3
  • Leamington Spa - £4
  • University of Warwick - £1
  • Warwick Parkway - £5
  • Wellesbourne - £6


Journeys starting in Wellesbourne to:

  • Kenilworth - £5
  • Leamington Spa - £4
  • University of Warwick - £6
  • Warwick Parkway - £4


Journeys starting at Warwick Parkway to:

  • University of Warwick - £5
  • Wellesbourne - £4 


Contact customer services

You can contact on-demand bus customer services to:

  • ask a question
  • find lost property
  • give feedback


Telephone: 0345 034 8670

Call Centre opening times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Service operating times: Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm

Get the app

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Download the WM on Demand app and get started on your journey around Coventry!