Day, Family and Group

Save on days or nights out.

If you’re travelling for the day, on your own or in a group by bus, train or Metro, we’ve got a great range of money-saving group and family tickets so you can spend more money on things you enjoy! 

Please note: A family ticket is defined and valid for at least one, but no more than two adults and one adult and one child must be travelling together at all times. 

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Network Daytripper 

Enjoy bus, train and Metro travel after 9.30am on weekdays and all day on the weekend.

Adult - Cash £6.70 / Swift Pay As You Go £6.50

Child - Cash £4.60 / Swift Pay As You Go £4.50

Family - Cash £11.60 / Swift Pay As You Go £11.40


Group bus tickets 

Enjoy some great deals when travelling together.

Travel with up to 5 people or 2 Adults and 4 children. 

All Day on any National Express service - Cash £8 / Swift Pay As You Go £6.00 / mTicket £6.00

After 6pm on any National Express service - Cash £5 / Swift Pay As You Go £4.00 / mTicket £4.00

Or, travel all day with any bus operator with the nBus Family/Group

All Day - Cash £8.70 / Swift Pay As You Go £6.50

Other operators may offer group tickets, please ask when boarding for any tickets or offers. 


Multi-operator bus tickets 

If you need to travel on more than one bus operator we have a great range of nbus day ticket options.

Adult One Day - Cash £5.00 / Swift Pay As You Go £4.90 / Swift multi-day £4.56

Child One Day - Cash £3.40 / Swift Pay As You Go £3.30

Off-Peak Adult (After 9:30am) - Cash £4.30 / Swift Pay As You Go £4.20


Metro Group tickets

West Midlands Metro offer some great deals when travelling together. 

Travel with up to 5 people or 2 Adults and 4 children. 

All Day - Cash £10 / Swift Pay As You Go £9.90

After 6pm - Cash £7 / Swift Pay As You Go £6.90

These also include travel on National Express West Midland buses. 

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National Express bus and Metro Daysaver 

Get all day travel on any National Express West Midlands bus and West Midlands Metro. 

Adult bus+Metro - Cash £6.70 / Swift Pay As You Go £6.60

Child bus+Metro - Cash £4.50 / Swift Pay As You Go £4.40

Off-Peak Adult (After 9:30am) - Cash £5.2 / Swift Pay As You Go £5.10


Super Off Peak

Travel after 6.30pm on any train in the Network West Midlands Area and get a return fare for just £2.50


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