Account Management

Register your Swift card to receive further benefits

  • Top-up and renew online 24/7

  • Protect your PAYG credit

  • Set up Auto Top-up

  • Change account details

If you bought your Swift card online you will already have an account, you just need to Sign-in

If you bought it from Payzone Outlet or a Network West Midlands Travel Centre, visit our Registration page, where you will just need to enter your Swift card number and postcode.

Multiple cards
You can register more than one card to an account. To do this, just log in and click ‘add a new card’ to an existing account.

National Express Cards
Cards purchased from National Express West Midlands, either online or at one of their Travel Centres cannot currently be registered. You will need to go to the National Express website to top-up.

If you already have a Swift account, go to our Sign-in page where you will need to enter either your email address, Swift card number or account number.

If you are new to Swift or need to register an existing card, visit the Registration page where you will just need to enter your Swift card number and postcode.

You must give at least one month’s notice by telephone, email or in writing of your intention to cease Direct Debit payments. To or cancel your ticket or pass please contact the Customer Services Team on 0345 303 6760 

For general enquiries, you can email us at

Tickets may be suspended for a minimum of one full calendar month and up to a maximum of six months provided you give 1 months’ notice. After six months your account will be cancelled and you must reapply.

Contact Customer Services Team on 0345 303 6760 to set up. 

Simply link your Swift card to your debit or credit card, and when your balance reaches £10 or less it will trigger a top-up of your agreed amount.

You can choose to top-up £20, £30 or £40 each time. Payments are taken within 24 hours of the transaction. 

New customers
You can activate Auto Top-Up when you buy your Swift card.

Existing customers
Log into your account 
Select your Pay As You Go card
Select 'Auto Top-up' options
Choose your Auto Top-up value and payment option
To complete the change, you must either download the Swift App and press "Check for update". Go to a Swift Collector and place your card on the Collector or visit a Travel Centre with your card at Birmingham New St or Wolverhampton Bus Station.

You can deactivate or change the top-up amount at any time by changing the settings within your account.

To update your card with the new Auto Top-up settings you will need to activate the changes by one of the following methods.

  • Swift app
    Open up the Swift app on your mobile and place your card on the back of your phone and click 'Check for updates'.

  • Swift Collector
    Hold your Swift card to the Collector until you hear a beep.

  • Travel Centres
    Visit our Travel Centres at Birmingham New Street Rail Station or Wolverhampton Bus Station. Click here for opening hours.  

You can update all your details at any time by logging into your account

If you need to make changes to the debit or credit card on your account you can also do this from your account homepage. Remember changing your debit or credit card details will change this for all Swift cards that have Auto Top-Up activated on your account.

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