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Considerate Parking Scheme

West Midlands Combined Authority operate 62 Park and Ride sites at 48 rail and Metro locations throughout the West Midlands, providing 8,500 parking spaces for our customers who catch the train or tram. We also own and operate the car parks at Bromsgrove rail station.

Parking at all the sites is free - with the exception of Sutton Coldfield where a small charge applies to non-season ticket and concessionary pass holders and at Bromsgrove where all users including blue badge holders are charged for parking.

The provision of free parking to encourage use of public transport has been popular with many of our sites now being oversubscribed. This has resulted in some motorists parking inappropriately out of bays, on pavements, on double yellow lines, in hatched areas and unauthorised in Blue Badge bay parking.

In the last 20 years  we have, with partners, invested £15 million in expanding and managing Park and Ride facilities but demand continues to grow. Currently we have new car parks at Longbridge and Bradley Lane under construction which will increase the numbers of spaces available by over 700.

Despite this we still have a small number of users who continue park in an inconsiderate way that inconvenience other station customers.

Parking enforcement affects vehicles identified as parking:

  • Not in a marked bay
  • On double yellow lines
  • In such a way as to obstruct emergency services, as other users or are creating a hazard
  • In a designated disabled parking bay not having properly displayed a valid Blue Badge permit
  • At the Park and Ride facility, but which are not rail users

Cars should be parked at the sites for the purpose of public transport use only. Action will also be taken through the enforcement process for vehicles which are not supposed to be parked at the sites - e.g. parking and walking to work within the vicinity of the car park and local residents' parking. We also experience issues with some vehicles abandoned at Park and Ride sites, which will be addressed through this process.


Enforcement Measures

Enforcement of considerate parking as detailed above applies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is clear signage at all car park sites making customers aware of the terms and conditions under which they use the facility and the spaces designated within them. The positioning of the signs has been done in accordance with car parking industry best practice to ensure they are visible to all car park customers.

When a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for failing to comply with the enforcement scheme requirements, as detailed on the signage, is issued this will result in a charge of £100 with a 40% discount if the charge is paid within the initial 14 day period. Failure to make payment within 28 days will attract further costs that will be capped.

Customers will not have to pay more than a local call rate charge when contacting the enforcement company, Vehicle Control Services Ltd (VCS), regarding any issues relating to the issue of penalty notice.

Where customers wish to appeal against the enforcement process, VCS Ltd will manage the first stage of appeal, under terms and conditions agreed with West Midlands Combined Authority. For more information on the enforcement measures and appeal process, please read the VCS enforcement terms and conditions.

The second stage of appeal will sit with an independent adjudication board The Independent Parking Committee (IPC) again as per industry best practice.

All correspondence regarding a Parking Charge Notice should be directly with the enforcement company VCS Ltd as outlined on the notice.

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