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Safety and maintenance


Equipment and clothing

You don’t need fancy lycra to ride your bike, most people wear their everyday clothing for their commute. Just watch for loose clothing that can get caught (like trousers at the ankle; using a clip can secure this). Our Cycling Team recommend these extra items to keep you safe:

  • White front and red rear lights
  • A helmet that fits well and is worn correctly
  • Hi vis clothing e.g. belt and jacket
  • Slap band or clip around right trouser to avoid getting caught in chain and rings

If you’d like to find out more, British Cycling has some great tips on how to kit up for your ride.

Before heading out
  • Keep your own record of your frame serial number (usually found on the frame by the bottom bracket, and register your bicycle details with BikeRegister 
  • Get insurance - check if your insurance currently covers your bike when away from the home. If they don’t, there are many different companies offering bike specific insurance.
  • Take some photographs of your bike and keep them safe, these can be used to support any insurance claims
  • Avoid posting images of your bike at start/end points on social media or social fitness apps – some thieves are savvy and watch for posts!
Locking up your bike
  • Whenever possible, use secure cycle storage. At rail stations we provide Cycle Hubs, bike lockers and cycle hoops. Find out more about bikes on public transport
  • If you regularly need to leave your bike for long periods or have to use publically visible cycle storage, consider a less expensive bike which is still roadworthy
  • Avoid leaving your bike outside overnight
  • Don't leave your bike chained to pipes, railings or road signs because thieves can remove or cut right through them!
  • Use two good quality locks. Hardened Steel D Locks are recommended as a minimum standard. It’s worth spending proportionally more on a lock for a more expensive bike
  • Lock the frame and both wheels high up on the cycle stand to prevent the locks from being brought down to the ground (see photo
  • Make the lock and bike hard to move around the bike stand when locked
  • Remove parts and accessories that can't be secured, especially lights, pumps and quick-release saddles or wheels.

You can buy a gold standard D lock for just £10 from our travel centres at Birmingham New Street Station, Wolverhampton Bus Station. To get the discounted lock just show a valid public transport ticket. 

Bike maintenance

Regularly check your bike for minor repairs and maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future. Visit our Bike Maintenance Guide for step-by-step instructions to carry our basic bike care. 

If you have an old, unused cycle in need of a fix, it is time to get it safely back on the road. You can access a voucher of up to £50 to get your bike repaired. Apply for a Fix Your Bike voucher available now.

Love Your Bike

Free basic bike maintenance and advice at your local rail station.

Our Love Your Bike sessions have now ended. Keep an eye out on our Facebook events page for future sessions.

Road safety for cyclists

One of the biggest preventions of people cycling is safety concerns. Whether you’re new to cycling or have been doing it for years, it’s always good to learn and remind yourself of safety measures when cycling on the road.

See how you can make your commute to work safely on the pedal. Paul Robison, from our partners at Bikeability Trust, breaks down how to get out on the road with confidence.

Watch our road safety video


Top safety tips for winter cycling

Be safe, be seen!

With it getting dark earlier, here are some tips to help you get ready for winter cycling.

1. Wear high-vis upper body clothing to help drivers see you

2. Make your bike and helmet glow! Take it up a notch with multi-coloured LED wheel lights - you certainly won't be missed!

3. Keep a look out for pedestrians – Be aware and share. Pay extra attention when you are riding on shared paths or at crossings

4. Stick to well-lit roads as it's hard to see and be seen without street lights

5. Bike lights - It is a legal requirement to have a white front and red rear light and reflectors on your bike and orange reflectors on your pedals

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Cycle routes

We’ll help you discover the route you need to get on the road.

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