Changes to bus routes in South Birmingham

Following an extensive consultation period, National Express West Midlands (NXWM) is making some changes to bus routes in and around south and south-west Birmingham. These include small changes, such as timetable improvements so buses run more reliably, and some larger route changes to cater for new and emerging travel needs whilst also helping to overcome increasing traffic congestion and slower traffic speeds.

The changes bring new express buses, more direct buses to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Birmingham, and a simpler, easier to understand network.

Many will see very little change to their journey, but NXWM has gathered route-by-route information to tell you about what’s happening in the coming weeks. These changes will start on Sunday 22 July 2018.

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Tendered Routes

There will also be some alterations to the 10H, 10S, 19, 39 and 99, operated by igo, in conjunction with these changes. These are detailed below

busicon Service 10H / 10S

Towards Tesco Quinton      

As current route between City / Selly Oak and Court Oak Road, then: Court Oak Road, West Boulevard, Quinton Road West, Martley Croft, Simmons Drive, Highfield Lane, Ridgeacre Lane, Ridgeacre Road. 

Towards City/Selly Oak        

Ridgeacre Road, Quinton Road West, Highfield Lane, Simmons Drive, Martley Croft, Quinton Road West, West Boulevard, Court Oak Road. Then as the current route from Court Oak Road to City / Selly Oak.

busicon Service 19

Towards Rednal

As current route from Maypole to Longbridge (except the bus will go straight on from The Fordrough onto Fairfax Road, will not turn down Alvechurch Rd and will not serve West Heath terminus) then:Longbridge Lane, Bristol Road South, Lickey Road, Leach Green Lane, Cock Hill Lane, Bristol Road South, Park Way, terminate at Hollywood Bowl.

Towards Maypole   

Hollywood Bowl, Park Way, Bristol Road South, Leach Green Lane, Lickey Road, Bristol Road South, Longbridge Lane. Then as the current route from Longbridge to Maypole (except the bus will go straight on from The Fordrough onto Fairfax Road, will not turn down Alvechurch Rd and will not serve West Heath terminus).

busicon Service 39A

Towards Longbridge

As current route from Woodgate Valley to Weoley Castle, Castle Square, then: Castle Road, Middle Park Road, Swarthmore Road, Black Haynes Road, Shenley Lane, Meadow Brook Road, Merritt’s Hill. Then as the current route to Longbridge

Towards Woodgate Valley

As current route from Longbridge to Merritt’s Hill then: Merritt’s Hill, Meadow Brook Road, Shenley Lane, Black Haynes Road, Swarthmore Road, Middle Park Road, Castle Road. Then as the current route to Woodgate Valley.

Service 39 does not change

busicon Service 99

Towards Shard End

As current route from Shirley to Baldwins Lane, then: Baldwins Lane, Solihull Lane, Pitmaston Road, Cresswell Road, Lakey Road. Then as the current route to Shard End.

Towards Shirley                    

As current route from Shard End to Lakey Road then: Lakey Road, Cresswell Road, Pitmaston Road, Solihull Lane, Baldwins Lane. Then as the current route to Shirley.


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