Solihull Changes

Proposed bus changes from 1 September 2019

After extensive consultation in 2018, a new bus network was introduced in Solihull from February 2019. The new routes have now been in operation for a number of months and we are looking at making some further changes as part of our continuous review process.

The changes below are based on work that we have undertaken with the operator (Landflight), local stakeholders and comments that we have received from customers using the network. This includes suggestions for both changes to the timetable and changes to the bus routes.

We would like to hear the views of local people to help us understand if you prefer the changes to the network that are proposed below, or the existing routes that we have.

You can give us your feedback by completing a short survey which can be accessed here.

The changes proposed relate to the services listed below. We are happy to receive further comments that you may wish to make about the wider bus network including any other changes that you would like to see, as we will be keeping the network under ongoing review.

The intention is for any changes to the network to come into place from 1 September, in order to be in place for the new school term. 


Click here to have your say!

You can comment on the proposed changes until 4pm on 17 July 2019.

We will also have a number of staff out on the network, asking customers for their opinions.


Proposed Changes

A3 and A3W – Solihull to Dorridge via Widney Manor

The A3 will no longer be serving Hockley Heath, as this will now be covered by the A7 and A8 route. This enables us to ensure that the timetable is ‘clock-face’ (operating at the same time past each hour) making it easier to integrate journeys with the railway network, and giving a more balanced timetable between Dorridge and Solihull.

We will also be varying the A3 route to serve the Widney Manor area, with the A7 and A8 serving Warwick Road.

The A3 will serve Alderminster Road and Monkspath Hall Road between the hours of 09.30 and 15.00 Monday to Saturday, and will serve Widney Manor Road outside of this period.


View the timetable here.

A5 – Solihull to Cheswick Green via Dickens Heath

The demand for the A6 has been very low and will therefore be withdrawn. The A5 route will be extended to also serve Cheswick Green, maintaining a half hourly service for residents of both Dickens Heath and Cheswick Green into Solihull.

View the timetable here.



The A5 route will be extended to also serve Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath.

See A5.

View the timetable here.

A7/A8 – South Solihull Circular via Knowle, Blythe Valley and Hockley Heath

A7 will continue to operate clockwise, with A8 serving the same route anticlockwise.

Through operating the service along Warwick Road and using the bus gate that has opened in Blythe Valley Business Park, journeys will be quicker.

This will mean that the full circle can be completed in under an hour, making journeys significantly more competitive with the private car.

View the timetable here.


Current Map View of Services

Old Solihull Network.PNG

Download the PDF here.

Proposed Map View of Services

New Network SC.PNG

Download the PDF here.


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