Faster Journeys

We're working closely with bus operators to make bus travel more reliable by speeding up bus journeys that we know are affected by congestion. We are doing this by trialling the closure of carefully selected stops until March 2018.

Why is this happening?

Congestion has reached record levels in the West Midlands, making more people wait longer for buses that now take longer to get to their destination.

We have looked carefully at several high-frequency bus corridors to identify how journeys could be made more reliable.   This review identified that several stops were located in close proximity to the next stopping point along the route and could, therefore, be suspended as part of a six-month trial.

Why was my stop chosen?

We know that a change in your regular bus stop may be less convenient, however, we have carefully selected stops that will maintain:

  • Good overall access to the bus network (all properties will continue to fall  within our adopted 400-metre access standard)
  • Connectivity to key local services/facilities
  • Interchange opportunities to other modes e.g. rail

Which routes are part of the trial?

8A, 8C, 45, 47, 50, 63

Customers who use other services may be affected by the trial.  Some suspended stops have multiple services that use them.  These stops will be suspended for all services. You can read the full details here

How long will this go on for?

The trial will start on Sunday 1 October 2017 until March 2018.

We will closely monitor feedback and respond accordingly.

Why is this taking place in the winter?

Congestion is worse in the winter, therefore a live trial is necessary to understand the issues and assess the impact on customers.

What other measures are you implementing to improve reliability?

We are working with the local authorities to deliver highway schemes at congestion hot spots and network bottlenecks to improve the flow of traffic on the highway network.  We are also reviewing traffic light signal sequences at key junctions.

How do I give feedback?

Take our survey

or you can call us on the dedicated telephone number 0345 835 8188.

How will my feedback be considered?

Your feedback is very important to us and all comments received will be considered by a dedicated team specifically tasked with measuring the impact of this project. We will collate and monitor feedback carefully throughout the trial period and also use this in our evaluation at the end of the six-month period.

Latest update on Northfield Shopping Centre stops

We have been monitoring the suspension of the two stops outside Northfield Shopping Centre.  Although we remain confident that suspension of stops can have a positive impact on bus reliability and journey times we have considered and listened to customer feedback. Therefore, from Monday 5 February 2018 both of the stops below will be served.

Northfield Shopping Centre - towards Weoley Castle/Frankley - silver, open bus shelter (stop code NA) will be served by buses 39, 39A, 39S (Igo) and X61 (NX).

Northfield Shopping Centre - towards Longbridge  - silver open bus shelter (stop code NB) will be served by buses 63, 98 (NX) and 144 (First).

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