Dudley & Sandwell Service Changes

Following an extensive public consultation, National Express West Midlands (NXWM) are making a number of changes to bus routes in the Dudley and Sandwell area from Sunday 2 September 2018.

This will include minor changes, such as timetable improvements, to help services run more reliably. There are also some bigger changes to cater for new and emerging travel needs, to help overcome increasing traffic congestion and slower traffic speeds around busier areas.

New express services and new links will be introduced, with Platinum buses able to serve more areas, including Blackheath, Oldbury and Smethwick.

Many route numbers will change to create a new Dudley and Sandwell network, helping to create a new local identity for Dudley’s buses.

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In addition to the changes to the National Express services in Dudley and Sandwell the following Diamond Bus services will also change with effect from Sunday 2 September.

busicon Service 24

Will be re-routed between Blackheath and The Merry Hill Centre to replace a section of service 129 that is withdrawn by National Express.

To be consistent with the National Express service number changes three Diamond services are re-numbered. These are services which National Express operate on a Monday to Saturday daytime and Diamond operate some of the journeys at other times.

busicon Service 205, re-numbered to service 5

busicon Service 257, re-numbered to service 17

busicon Service 243, re-numbered to service 18

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