16-18 photocard

The 2017/18 application portal is now closed. Current 16-18 photocards are valid up to the 31 July 2018.

The portal will re-open in August for new cards and renewal applications for anyone born after 31 August 2000. You will no longer need to get a UVC code from your college and the card will be free! A summary of the full changes are detailed below. 

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  • Free to apply, same discount
    There will no longer be a £10 fee for the photocard. It is now completely free to apply and will still entitle 16-18 year olds to save up to 50% on bus, train and tram services within the West Midlands.
  • One card
    There will be only one type of 16-18 photocard; which can be used by students, apprentices, trainees and those in employment. This will replace the two separate cards that currently exist.
  • Apply once
    Applicants will no longer need to reapply every year for their photocard. Their card will be valid up till the 31 July of the academic year the applicant turns 18.
  • (For students only) No more Unique Validation Code (UVC)
    You will be happy to hear that there will no longer be a requirement for students to use a UVC code. Students can apply directly online (when the portal opens on 6 August).
  • Swift-enabled
    All new 16-18 photocards will be Swift enabled, allowing season tickets to be loaded onto the card. This will remove the current requirement for cardholders to carry the photocard as well as a separate ticket. 
    An exception for this is for season tickets that are not currently available on Swift. In this instance, a separate paper ticket will need to accompany the photocard.

See you in August!

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