Child tickets

Travel for school or leisure

Children under the age of 16 pay a discounted fare on all buses, trams and trains in the West Midlands. Just ask for a child ticket when you travel. Children under the age of five travel free.

Term tickets offer great value and can cover all travel needs. Most child tickets are also available on monthly Direct Debit, which is the best value option for buying tickets.

  • nBus covers any bus, any time, and you can add tram travel too
  • nTrain allows travel by train anywhere in the Network West Midlands area
  • nNetwork tickets cover it all, that's the bus, train and tram

Some operators have an additional range of passes available to use on their services only. See operator websites for more details. 

Use the Quick search below to find the ticket best for you. 

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Under 16?

If you're under 16 but look older, you can apply for an under 16 Photocard which can be used as proof of age when travelling. 

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Aged 16-18?

If you're aged 16-18 and still in full-time education, you may still be eligible for child fares.

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Child term ticket replacements made easy with the PassProtect scheme.

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Lost passes

If you lose your season ticket, you may be able to get a replacement.

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Direct Debit

Most child tickets are available on Direct Debit which is the best value option for buying tickets.

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Ways to buy

Convenient places to buy or top up.

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If you pay cash fares to travel, PAYG is the smarter and cheaper way to travel by bus and tram in the West Midlands.

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