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Swift Go

(Metro Only)

You travel, and we cap the cost, so you pay the best fare at the end of the day

Choose Top-Up or Auto-Pay and we’ll charge you later using daily capping

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Use on: Tram icon
  • Your commute, your way - ideal for the occasional Metro user.
  • Just tap and go – no need to research ticket types before you travel.
  • No need to carry cash - with daily capping from the payment method of your choice.
  • Never overpay for daily travel - only pay for the journeys that you have made.

Where can I get Swift Go?

  1. You can buy Swift Go through our ticket finder.

  2. You can Top-Up your account either via your Swift Account or at Birmingham New Street Station or Wolverhampton Bus Station - Station information.

What modes of transport can I use my Swift Go on?

  • Swift Go is currently only accepted on Metro Tramlines operating in and around the West Midlands. View the Metro route.

  • We hope to launch Swift Go on Buses operating in and around the West Midlands in the near future. This will then allow multi-modal capping.

How do I use Swift Go?

  1. Purchase Swift Go through our ticket finder or at one of our travel shops.

  2. Collect Ticket - Use the Swift Collector app, or over 100 on-street Swift Collectors to load your Swift Go to your card.

  3. When approached by the conductor hover/tap card over a Metro handheld.

  4. You will be capped for the journeys you have made at the end of the day.

Do I need a Swift account?

Yes – If you don’t currently have one, you need to create a Swift account.

What is Capping?

Capping allows you to make a number of journeys in a single day but limits the amount you pay for your travel.

How does capping work?

  • Once you hover/tap your card ona Metro handheld, we register your journey and we will calculate your best cap.

  • Please see an example of a day of travel below:

Metro Caps - Grand Central to West Brom Central           

Journeys     Peak Travel        Off-Peak Travel

Journey 1       Peak: £2.90    Off-Peak: £2.90

Journey 2       Peak: £2.90    Off-Peak: £1.40

Journey 3       Peak: £0.10      Off-Peak: no further charge

Journey 4               no further charge  

Journey 5               no further charge  

Charges and Savings

You pay           Peak: £5.90              Off-Peak: £4.30

You save          Peak: £8.60              Off-Peak: £10.20

What happens if I reach the cap?

We will never charge you for more than the cost of a day ticket. Once you have reached the cap for the day, you will travel for free for the rest of the day.

How much would it cost if I didn’t use Swift Go?

Nothing. We will only charge on the days you travel using your Swift Go, and for the number of journeys, you make on that day.

What is the difference between the Swift Go payment methods?

  1. You can choose to either Top-Up your Swift Go account with one-off payments in your account (minimum £10) or at the travel shops.

  1. Or you can choose Auto-Pay, where we bill your bank card with the correct amount every night automatically. With Auto-Pay, there is no hassle anymore to make sure that there is enough money on your account – care-free travel.

Where can I see how much is left on my account?

Log into your Swift Account and you will see your account balance at the top of the screen.

Where can I see how much I have saved?

At the bottom of your account, there is a summary of your journeys and charges. In that summary, you can see how much you have saved.

Who can I contact if I disagree with the money taken from my account?

Please contact our Customer Service Team.

My Swift Go has been blocked; how can I reactivate it?

  1. First, you need to pay your outstanding debt either on your account or in one of our travel shops.

  2. Once you have cleared your debt, we will send you a new Swift Go product.

  3. You will receive an email confirmation once your Swift Go is ready to be collected.

  4. You can collect Swift Go via our Swift Collector app, or by visiting over 100 of our available on-street Swift Collectors.

I have lost my card; can I transfer my Swift Go balance?

  • We store your balance on your account.

  • So, if your card is lost or stolen, your Swift Go balance will remain active and will be transferred to your replacement card.

  • To replace a lost or stolen Swift card you will need to call our Customer Services team on 0345 075 6006.

  • Replacement cards cost £7.50 or are free if you have a crime reference number. Expect to receive your replacement card within 3 working days.

Where can I get more information about Swift Go?

Our Swift Go webpage has everything you need to know on there. To find out more, view our detailed Swift card Terms & Conditions.

I have more questions?

Visit Swift Help for general Swift related questions.