Child season tickets

Buy weekly, monthly or termly passes for regular travel on the bus, train or tram.

Use on: Bus icon Train icon Tram icon

How do I use it?

On the bus - Hold your card on the reader. Wait for the green light or beep.

On the train - Hand your card to the train conductor when asked. For easy entry/exit at gated stations, hold it on the yellow reader to open the gates.

On the tram - Hand your card to the tram conductor, who will scan your card for you.

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You can sign up online for monthly Direct Debit, and your Swift card will be dispatched to you within 7 working days. 

If you need a 1 week, 4 week or Term Pass, visit your closest Travel Centre.

Coming soon - buy and renew all passes online or at over 250 Payzone outlets.

Once the date on the front of the card is reached you will need to get a new card. Your card cannot be used to buy any new tickets after this date.

Any tickets loaded on your card can still be used until they expire, even if the date on your card has run out.

You can get a new card next time you need to buy a ticket, you just need a new photograph.

All child Direct Debit tickets now come on a Swift card. As well as all child nbus, nbus+Metro, Midland Metro and National Express 1 week, 4 week and term passes.

ntrain and nnetwork 1 week, 4 week and term passes are not currently available. 

If you’re under 16 but look older, you can apply for a free Under 16 photocard to prove your eligibility for child fares.

Apply for free.

If you’re on Direct Debit, your ticket will automatically renew each month.

If you have a 1 week, 4 week or Term ticket, you can renew your ticket at a local Travel Centre.

(coming soon - buy and renew online 24/7 or over 250 Payzone outlets).

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