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Lost or stolen card

To replace a lost or stolen Swift card you will need to call Customer Services on 0345 075 6006

Replacement cards cost £7.50, or are free if you have a crime reference number. 

Expect to receive your replacement card within 3 working days.

Pay As You Go cards

Any credit shown on your account at the time you reported your Swift card lost or stolen will be transferred to your replacement card (registered cards only).

Season Tickets 

For a refund to be issued the ticket must have been valid for a minimum of 28 days with at least 7 days validity remaining. 90% of the outstanding validity of the ticket will be refunded, calculated from the date West Midlands Combined Authority is notified or the day after the last use of the Product, whichever is later, less a £7.50 administration charge.

Season tickets are sold at a discounted rate. 90%, of the outstanding value of the ticket, takes into account the discounted travel you have benefited from by holding a season ticket instead of buying day or week tickets. This means the refund will not be the exact remaining value of your pass. Swift cards will be blocked so you’ll need to get a new card when you buy your next ticket.

Multi-day cards

If you have a multi-day card you must have at least 5-day tickets remaining on the card, with 3 months validity left on those tickets.