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Cycling or using public transport has lots of great benefits to you and the environment. Every bus, train and tram that is used takes hundreds of cars off our congested roads which makes our air cleaner and our towns and cities better places to visit.

We know that taking new forms of transport can sometimes feel daunting, so we've created some 'how-to' transport guides to help get you started.

Travelling by Bus

Travel by bus

Our bus network carries more passengers every day than any other type of transport. There is almost nowhere the bus can't take you.

Read bus travel guide

Travelling by Metro

You never have to wait too long for
the Metro with fast and reliable
services arriving every 6-8 minutes
throughout the day.

Read tram travel guide

Travel by tram

Travelling by Train

Travel by train

Train is a popular choice with fast and direct services between key towns and cities across the West Midlands.

Read train travel guide


Using cycling in your commute is a great way to connect with and explore the West Midlands, not to mentioned that it will improve your health and fitness.

Read cycling guide

Travel by bike
Plan your journey

Plan your journey





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