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Advice on how to stay safe when using public transport

  • Stay apart from other passengers not in your household or social bubble when waiting at stops or stations.
  • When in bus or train stations or on board you must wear a  face covering, unless exempt. 
  • Do not crowd at the doors when getting on board. Stay back, form a queue
  • Try to use mobile, smartcard or contactless payments to reduce the amount of cash needing to be handled. 
  • Stay a safe distance from drivers or conductors and don’t sit on the seats behind them. 
  • Please check operator websites for travel updates and further guidance on peak travel times. 
  • If the service is full, please be patient and wait for the next available service. 
  • While services are being regularly cleaned, you should still limit the surfaces you touch while on board and do not touch your face until you can wash or sanitise your hands. 
  • Although we have increased cleaning and hygiene measures, we are currently unable to provide hand sanitisation units at bus stations and stops, please travel with hand sanitiser if possible. 
  • If you do cough or sneeze, please catch it in a tissue or the crook of your arm and use hand sanitizer straight away. Dispose of the tissue as soon as possible. 
  • When leaving the service leave a two-metre gap between you and the person in front. Don’t all get up at once and queue in confined spaces. 
  • Although unlikely, if the last service is full please make alternative travel arrangements and leave plenty of time for your journey should this be the case.

For further information, or if there is a question you have about travelling at this time, we have created some Frequently Asked Questions which can be accessed here.

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