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All these products are free of charge and are only available for West Midlands residents.

Please offer me a seat

Please Offer Me A Seat

We want everyone to have a safe and comfortable journey on the bus, train and tram. By wearing the ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge it lets other passengers know that you have a very good reason to sit down and will encourage them to give up their seat for you. Make sure you wear it in a visible place so that other passengers can clearly see the badge. Alternatively you can show other passengers the ‘Please offer me a seat’ card.  Please remember the badge/card doesn’t guarantee you a seat but will hopefully help you along your way.

Assistance cards 

These cards can help you use public transport. They’re small cards featuring a range of messages that you tear off and place in your bus ticket and/or concessionary pass holder. 

Tickets please pads

A handy notepad to help people with communication difficulties to buy tickets on buses or for train journeys. Each pad contains 50 tear-off slips. Please complete the slip with the required ticket information and hand it to the person selling the ticket.

Bus Hailer

If you’re blind or partially sighted, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish an approaching bus from a van or a car. To help, we’ve designed a Bus Hailer that enables you to show the bus service number that you want to catch, while at the stop. The Hailer is A5 size and has large black tactile numbers with Braille on a bright yellow background. These can be flipped over to show the required bus service number. The bus driver can spot the Bus Hailer from a distance, and it informs them that you’re waiting to catch the bus. You may find it particularly useful at busy locations where many different buses use the same stop.

Getting Around Access Guide

A guide to accessible public transport in the West Midlands. The Getting Around Access Guide is also available in large print, audio CD, audio tape, pdf or Braille format.

RNIB Key Fob 

If you’re blind or partially sighted, the key fobs can be used to activate an audio voice message at bus stations, key interchanges and stops where Real Time Information screens are available. If one is needed, please contact our customer services team at or call 0345 303 6760

Communication Pocket Guide

The Communication Pocket Guide is a laminated resource which includes key messages to assist people with different disabilities when using public transport. 

Examples of messages include:

  • Please be patient. I have autism
  • Hello, please can you help me?
  • Where do I catch the bus to……?
  • Stop location……….. What time will bus No…. arrive?

It could be especially useful for people with hearing difficulties, people with autism, people with learning difficulties or people with speech difficulties
Messages can be written and wiped clean to aid communication with the driver or other passengers.

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If you need help filling in the form, or want to order more than one of a product, contact customer services.

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