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Knowing how to get from A to B is a major life skill and gives students their first taste of independence. Catching a bus alone for the first time can be a scary milestone for year sevens, but public transport know-how can help them later on in life, opening up better employment opportunities which may be further afield.

Education Resources

We have created some great lessons to teach young people about travel. 

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Class Pass

Take your class out exploring the network with this great value ticket. 

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View our top safety tips to help eveyone stay safe on the network. 

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We have lots of advice and tools to help make the network accessible to everyone. 

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Useful Websites

Letzgogreen.org - Access a whole range of free KS1 and KS2 resources including competitions, colouring sheets and transport games for teachers, pupils and parents alike!

FutureTravel.org.uk - the home of the free 'Investigating Sustainable Transport' resource. This engaging resource has been developed by Network West Midlands to provide teachers with ready to use material to support lessons in KS3 GeographyScience and Citizenship.

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Swift Pay As You Go

If you pay cash fares to travel, PAYG is the smarter and cheaper way to travel by bus and tram in the West Midlands.

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