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Knowing how to get from A to B is a major life skill and gives students their first taste of independence. Catching a bus alone for the first time can be a scary milestone for year sevens, but public transport know-how can help them later on in life, opening up better employment opportunities which may be further afield.


Class Pass

Be smart. Our new network Class Pass will take you out and about on school trips all over the West Midlands. This amazing offer gives 30 students and six adults unlimited travel from 9.00am for the rest of the day for only £64.50 much cheaper than hiring coaches or buying single tickets.

The Class Pass is flexible too. It can be divided up as three separate scratch off cards to allow ten children and two adults to travel separately. We can sell one scratch off card for £21.50 ideal for smaller class groups.

To purchase a class pass please ring the education team on 0121 214 7614

Special educational needs

We have free resources which can be used in your school to deliver role play, activities, games and travel training, as well as a free interactive website. Why not check out our new video resource...

We can also offer help and support for your travel training sessions.

The following resources are available on loan:

  • Crossing patrol set
  • Bus stop signs
  • Reflective tabards for use in role play or travel training

Find out more by reading our Travel Training Manual 


It’s very unlikely that your students will encounter any problems while using public transport, but we know that safety is still a concern for many. You can help young people feel safe on public transport with the Safer Travel reporting portal. Here you’ll find lesson plans and resources to use in class as well as our Anti-social Behaviour reporting tool.

Download our resources

Safer Travel Workshop

Through a series of Dilemma Challenges, students are asked what they should do if they encounter Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) whilst using public transport, cycling or walking. In a discussion format, students will explore the potential risks and develop strategies on how to keep safe.


Workshop PDF notes

Workshop PowerPoint presentation for schools

Workshop PowerPoint presentation for colleges

Evaluation Slips

Risk assessment

Moving on up Workshop

This interactive workshop gives students the confidence to travel independently on public transport through an educational presentation and a range of engaging activities. 


Workshop PDF notes

Workshop PowerPoint presentation

Evaluation Slips

Careers Crossroads Workshop

Increase your student’s employment, further education and training opportunities by developing their ability to travel independently. By understanding how to use the wide range of transport options available to them, students develop life skills such as money management, time keeping and problem solving, all of which are impressive to a potential employer. 


Workshop PDF notes

Workshop PowerPoint presentation

Journey Planning Workshop

Basic maths and map reading skills are essential to successful navigation of the public transport network. This resource gives practical teaching resources with accompanying questions and answers. Suitable for secondary school children.

Travel Resource Manual (for trainers)

Travel Resource Package (additional teaching information)

Travel Resource Workbook (questions and answers)


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