Solihull bus review

Solihull bus review

Have your say about bus services in Solihull

We are reviewing the bus services that Transport for West Midlands financially supports bus operators to run (tendered bus services). These are the services that operators have not opted to run commercially (for profit). Transport for West Midlands chooses to fund these services to ensure that our residents are able to make socially necessary journeys. As such, we are not able to use these journeys to duplicate existing commercial services or the commercial network.

We have looked at the numbers of passengers travelling on routes, requests from councillors and customers, new developments, the reliability of services and any forthcoming proposed changes to commercial routes run by operators, in order to propose a better and smarter tendered bus network.

We are keen to highlight that we are not looking to reduce the support for bus services across the borough.  We are looking at how we can use that support to give the best possible service to all residents in the area, whilst pursuing opportunities to grow and develop the network further.

We would appreciate your help in shaping the future bus network in your area, by giving us your opinions on our proposals and ideas, before any final decisions are made.

To view the proposed changes please click here or scroll through the map below. Once you've read throught the changes please complete online questionnaire by Sunday 14 October 2018.  Any new routes agreed will be introduced from 23 February 2019.

Should you have any further questions about bus services in the area, please contact

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