Roll & Stroll

Roll & Stroll

Lockdown has been quite a journey. Cycling and walking is more popular than ever so don't stop now.

Make this your Big Summer of Cycling and Walking. We're investing into creating a region that supports healthy, greener and safer travelling, to help you continue to roll & stroll.

Whatever your travel plans, we are here to help you start and enjoy the adventure along the way. There’s never been a better time to cycle and walk around the West Midlands than right now. We have a range of exciting projects coming over the summer - so, get your roll and get your stroll on!

Get ready to roll

Getting out on your bike for the first time can be both exciting yet nerve-wracking.

We’ve got all you may need to help you get started!

Get started

New or returning to rolling

You may be new, returning, or been a keen cyclist during lockdown. You've done great - don't stop now! Whether you're rolling to work or catching fresh air and sun, there's always safe and new ways to get there.

You've got this

All things strolling

You may prefer walking around you local park, to your corner shop or to the station to get to work. Wherever you're heading, there's always new and safe ways to get there on foot.


Improvements in your area


The Government have announced an Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF), funding and working with local authorities across the country to encourage more active travel. This will support the delivery of temporary schemes. More than 45 projects will be introduced, including a pop-up cycle lanes and pavement widening. These new measures will help you:

  • Travel safe and securely

  • Get workers, businesses, back up and running

  • Support school travel and keep children and families safe

  • Keep air clean, reduce carbon emissions, improve mental health and increase physical activity that have resulted through lockdown

  • Supporting a green recovery

Stay up-to-date on projects near you:

Birmingham    Solihull    Walsall    Sandwell - coming soon    Dudley - coming soon   Coventry - coming soon    Wolverhampton - coming soon

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Get active and travel safely


Enjoy being physically active and travelling outdoors responsibly and safely, minimising risk to your health and other members of the public. Find out how you can do your part, get started or carry on rolling & strolling...


  • Latest cycling and walking travel advice

  • Benefits of cycling and walking

  • Cycling and walking routes near you

  • How to travel during lockdown

  • Enjoy family rides together

  • Safe and helpful tips and advice 

  • Useful links and apps to download

  • Projects and challenges you can get involved in

  • And much more...

Get active

Organisation Support

As part of our EATF, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from to help support your business and employees. This includes fantastic offers you can enjoy, training you can take up, plus cycling and walking opportunities you don’t want to miss out on!

Find out more and see how we can support your business or your employees both at work and at home.

Rolling routes

Discover your local cycling routes. What you need to know to find a route around the West Midlands, plus maps. 

Let's go!

Strolling routes

Discover your local area where you get out and about to enjoy a stroll.

Small steps, big difference

Keep the kids busy

Download and print these fun activities for the kids to get their minds dreaming of adventures whilst taking a bike break or out on strolls. 

Download activity sheets

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