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Baby on Board

For a more comfortable journey

Travelling on public transport can be tricky especially for mums-to-be.  That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a Baby on Board scheme in the hope that it will make travelling easier and make fellow passengers know that you have a very good reason to need a seat. 

To apply for your baby on board badge, simply fill in the form below and we’ll send all the information in the post or pop into your local travel centre…

Please note we can only deliver badges to addresses within the West Midlands area
Please note we can only deliver badges to addresses within the West Midlands area
Please note we can only deliver badges to addresses within the West Midlands area

Please allow up to 5 working days to receive your badge, should you not receive it within this time period please email



What do I do if I see someone wearing a badge?

If you see someone with a badge and you are occupying a seat, please stand and offer them your seat.  It's not the law to give up your seats but we would like to encourage fellow passengers to be kind and offer up your seat to those who need it more.

I am less able to stand myself, am I expect to give up my seat?

No, we recognise that many passengers who need a seat might not have a badge, we just hope that other passengers show kindness and offer their seat where they can.

Do people with a badge have to explain why they need a seat?

No, some passengers are not comfortable asking people to give up their seat and that’s why we’ve introduced the baby on board badge so that people can clearly see the reason why.

How do I get a badge? 

Either apply here online or visit your local travel centre

Do I need to show evidence that I’m pregnant?

No, we trust our customers to be honest and hope that they will only use the badge when necessary. 

What about Priority Seats?

Buses, trains and trams all have priority seats, we hope that if you are wearing the baby on board badge, those fellow passengers who don’t need a seat as much as you will give up their seat for you, however, please bear in mind that wearing a badge does not guarantee you a seat.

Priority seating is intended for passengers in need of a seat including mums-to-be, disabled and elderly passengers or people carrying young infants.

I can’t get a seat on the train can I automatically get a seat in first class?

This is up to the individual train operator, always speak to the train manager first.   We’ve contacted a few of the train operators who run through our region who have confirmed that if you are wearing a baby on board badge and cannot get a seat, please speak to the train manager who will find you a seat for your journey – this may even be an upgrade to first class if you are lucky! 

Avanti West Coast has a mums-to-be pass for you to show to the train manager who will look after you when travelling on their trains.

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