Agile Working

Need your staff to work from home more?

Agile working is becoming a very well utilised practice to support businesses be as flexible and responsive as possible. 

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Why do we want you to be more agile? 

Having more people working flexibly helps change peak travel times, cuts journey times and reduces air pollution. 

Congestion across the West Midlands is at its highest ever level and reducing the amount of cars on the road everyday will help ensure public transport is more reliable. Plus we are investing billions into the local transport network and while this happens journeys will be longer so we need everyone to make small changes. Commuters, working from home just a few days a week will make a big difference to traffic levels.

Plan your journey

Plan your journey

Due to the short notice of many changes to public transport services, our journey planner and timetable services are unavailable until further notice.

Operators are publishing their timetables on their websites as they change.

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