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Station Bicycle Locker Frequently Asked Questions

Getting on the right track…

Cycling to your local bus or rail station is often the most convenient, healthy and

cost-efficient way of accessing your local bus or rail network and with Centro funding

bicycle lockers as well as sheltered bicycle hoops at many stations there has never

been a better time to leave the car at home and convert to two wheels.

• Who is responsible for administering the scheme?


• How do I apply for a bicycle locker?

Cycle Locker Application Forms are available from stations or online. When making your application by post simply complete all parts the application form ensuring to sign both Parts One and Two, then return the entire application form to Centro. Alternatively you can download and print an application form or even apply online at networkwestmidlands.com/lockers

• How are applications made?

By postal application or online application only to Centro.

• Where are lockers available?

The scheme administers bicycle locker facilities at many bus rail stations within the Network West Midlands area.

• How much does it cost?

A security deposit of £20 is required for the sole use of a bicycle locker for a specified lease end date.

• How do I make a payment?

When making your application by post please include a cheque for the value of £20 made payable to "Centro".

• What does the payment provide?

Each station has a fixed lease end date for the cycle lockers. The payment is held as a deposit which gives exclusive use of a specific locker facility at the station of your choice up until the fixed lease end date. Customers then have the option to renew their lease for a 12 month period up until the next fixed lease end date.

• Are there any conditions associated with the use of a locker?

Yes - applicants should carefully read and sign the Licence Terms and Conditions.

• How is allocation of a bicycle locker decided?

Bus and rail station bicycle lockers are provided to customers who travel by bus or train and are issued on a first come first served basis.

• How is sole access guaranteed?

Issue of a locker specific key or combination number, as appropriate to the applicant.

• What happens if all bicycle lockers at the station are in use?

A waiting list will operate - Centro will notify the applicant to inform them that they have been added onto a waiting list. The £20 deposit will not be banked and instead Centro will inform the applicant that the cheque has been destroyed.

• Will use of the facility be monitored?

Yes - Centro monitor the use of all lockers. A reminder will be issued if a bicycle locker is not used for a period of eight weeks or more. Continued failure to use the bicycle locker will result in automatic surrender of the facility.

• Who will issue a reminder when it is time to renew agreement on the locker?

Centro will issue a reminder 4 weeks before the expiry date. Customers who include their email address on this application form will be contacted by email allowing them to renew online. If you wish to renew your agreement no further security deposit will be required. Simply ensure that your renewal form is returned no later than 14 days prior to the Lease Agreement expiring. If the form is not received the bicycle locker will be reallocated once the Lease Agreement expires.

• What if I lose the key to my locker?

A new key will be issued upon receipt of a further security deposit of £20. Should access to a cycle locker be required to recover property following loss of a key, appropriate personal identification is required at the site meeting with a Centro representative to confirm ownership.

• What if I forgot the combination to my locker?

Contact Centro and after being asked a few questions based on information you would have provided to us on your application form we will issue you with your unique combination code.

• What if the bicycle locker develops a fault?

Centro should be notified immediately. The locker should not be used until repair is carried out or a new lock / locker is installed.

• What if the bicycle locker is misused?

Centro will monitor the use of the locker and if the locker is being misused the Lease Agreement will be terminated and the locker reallocated. If misuse of a locker is deemed as causing a security risk then the Lease Agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.

• What if I no longer wish to use the bicycle locker?

Upon safe return of the locker key to Centro a full refund of the security deposit will be made under Centro's Terms & Conditions. If you have a combination code please contact Centro. We will then change the code and then make a full refund to you under Centro's Terms & Conditions.

• What if I have any further questions?

Telephone Centro Customer Relations on 0121 214 7214.

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Telephone Centro Customer Services on: 0121 214 7214

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