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Child Direct Debit Terms and Conditions


1. Customer Obligations

1.1 To ensure all ten monthly payments can be taken from the nominated bank account on the due date (normally the 2nd of the Month, or the next working day).

1.2 If 3 Direct Debit payments are not received on the due date within any 12 month period Centro reserve the right to remove that customer from the scheme.

1.3 To give at least one month's notice by telephone, email or in writing of your intention to cease Direct Debit payments.

1.4 To give at least one month's notice by telephone, email or in writing of any change of name, address or any changes to ticket type.

1.5 To give at least one month's notice of amendments to bank or building society details. In this case, Centro will require a newly completed Direct Debit mandate which can be obtained online atnetworkwestmidlands.com/directdebit or by contacting the Direct Debit team.

1.6 Those requiring a 16-18 Photocard must comply with the qualifying criteria

  • Be under 18 before 1st September
  • Be in full time education (minimum 12 hours per week) from 1st September
  • Live within the West Midlands county
  • Pay the appropriate fee and complete and return to Centro a 16-18 Photocard Application form endorsed by the Childs School/College. This form will be specific to the Child Direct Debit scheme and will be supplied on receipt of the application form. Failure to complete and return this form by the date advised will result in you no longer being eligible for child rate travel.

Centro will not be responsible for late applications. 16-18 photocards are only valid for one academic year.

1.7 It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their photocard number is clearly written on each monthly ticket before use.

1.8 Please be vigilant with ticket expiry dates. If your next ticket has not arrived three working days before your current ticket expires, you must inform the Direct Debit team on 0121 214 7550. Centro will issue a duplicate ticket immediately. We will not refund the cost of travel tickets purchased when tickets do not arrive due to any delay in the postal service.

1.9 To take all reasonable steps to keep your season ticket safe. Please report any loss or theft of your season ticket or photocard to Centro. You are entitled to one FREE replacement in any academic year. A £5.00 administration fee is payable for any subsequent replacements of either section of the pass by cheque, debit or credit card. Further replacements within any 12-month period will be at the discretion of Centro. Please note that for a replacement 16-18 Photocard, Centro will require a new 16-18 Photocard application stamped by the School/ College.

1.10 To ensure that you have your valid ticket with you for every journey. No refund will be made on tickets purchased in the case of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets.

2. Centro Obligations

2.1 All Child applicants will be issued with an appropriate photocard. (Subject to condition 1.6).

2.2 With respect to ticket renewals, provided your monthly Direct Debit payments are taken on the agreed date, a new ticket will be posted to you at least seven days prior to the expiry date shown on your current ticket.

2.3 Provided that 10 consecutive Direct Debit payments have been cleared by your Bank/Building Society and that the child is still eligible for child rate tickets, your last two tickets will be issued free of charge.

2.4 To give at least 20 working days written notice of any price change, except when tax changes require an immediate price change.

3. Compensation for Rail Service Delays

3.1 It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to claim compensation for any service delay or cancellation from the appropriate train operating company.

3.2 Contact details for Train Operating Companies:

3.2.1 London Midland. Website: londonmidland.com

Telephone: 08456 024 277

3.2.2 Virgin Trains. Website: www.virgintrains.co.uk  

Telephone: 0845 000 8000

3.2.3 Chiltern Railways. Website: www.chilternrailways.co.uk 

Telephone: 08456 005 165

3.2.4 Cross Country. Website: www.crosscountrytrains.co.uk 

Telephone: 0870 010 00844.

Other Terms and Conditions

4.1 The minimum contract term on joining the scheme is 3 months from your initial start date.

4.2 If you leave the Centro Direct Debit scheme, you may rejoin the scheme at any time subject to the normal new application guidelines.

Please call the Direct Debit team for further details prior to applying.

4.3 If you leave the scheme earlier than the ten payable months and then restart at a later date the 10 consecutive payments start again.

If you leave the scheme or you are no longer eligible for a child rate ticket, no pro-rata refunds in relation to the 'two months free' will be paid.

4.4 Child Direct Debit tickets are valid throughout July and August and can be used without a valid photocard.

4.5 Tickets available through Direct Debit have a validity of one month.

Centro will not refund any whole or partial amount due to you cancelling your Direct Debit membership.

4.6 In the case of long term sickness, Centro should be advised as soon as possible. Refunds are at the discretion of Centro.

4.7 We reserve the right to refuse any application. We reserve the right to terminate Direct Debit arrangements if the scheme or the tickets are misused in any way, or if Direct Debit payments are not promptly and regularly paid via the nominated bank or building society account.

4.8 The scheme covers black-n-icontrain season tickets used for rail services within the Network West Midlands area and black-n-iconnetwork (bus/rail/Metro) with rail 'add-on' season tickets from a specified station outside the Network West Midlands area.

4.9 Direct Debit season tickets are not transferable and are issued subject to the current National Rail Conditions of Carriage and to the Conditions of Carriage of the Rail Operators on whose services they are valid (unless otherwise indicated they are valid by any permitted route, and on the services of participating operators), and (for black-n-iconnetwork season tickets) the published terms and conditions relating to bus and

Metro operators services, which are available for inspection at the Head Offices or appropriate company addresses. The National Rail Conditions of Carriage are available for inspection at the Ticket Offices of staffed stations.

4.10 black-n-iconnetwork season tickets are valid on local bus services in the West Midlands county run by operators in the Centrocard scheme; they are not valid on night buses and certain other special services. They are valid on the Metro. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their network season ticket entitles them to travel to the destination they require when using the bus within and nearing the Network West Midlands area boundary.

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