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Weekly service changes

Operators are continually making improvements or changes to bus services, please see below for the most recent changes affecting bus services in the West Midlands.

Centro encourages operators to change services on a set dates, called Network Stability Periods. Ten of these dates are set each year to try and co-ordinate service changes to help the passenger. These are spaced between 4 and 6 weeks apart. Occasionally changes have to be made at short notice.

Date 2015  Description of service changes

22 February

Minor changes to routes and timetable on various routes across the West Midlands

1 March


The routes of most services in and out of Solihull town centre are amended with commencement of the Solihull Gateway improvement works.


8 March  

Timetable changes on the 4 operated by NXWM and the 116 operated by Arriva

29 March  

Social Travel start a service on the 11C route, and withdraw the 97 service. Green Transport withdraw 78 service.

12 April  

Special shuttle services introduced on Birmingham Transport and Motor Museum open days.

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