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Bus mode

  Nbus - All Buses - All Day - All Over*


Our black-n-iconbus tickets - one ticket for one price - on all buses.

What you get

Unlimited bus travel on virtually all bus operators covering just the Black Country, Coventry or all over the West Midlands area.  You can add on the Metro too.

black-n-iconbus is now issued on the Swift Card, you can buy and apply for your card today by visiting myswiftcard.com or a  located at Birmingham New St or Wolverhampton.

Once you have your card you just keep renewing your product at one of 250 Payzone Outlets or a . Online top-ups coming soon.


Find your ticket

black country all areas coventry


nbus area map


Wherever you're travelling - an black-n-iconbus ticket is all you need.

Available for adults and children - to cover from one day to 52 weeks.

Or let us do the hard work. Just fill in the form online to set up a Direct Debit - we'll deliver it to your door every month - and that includes a huge discount.

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