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Wobaston Road, Wobaston


WHEN -  Monday 17 February 2014 for sixteen weeks.

WHERE - The junction of Wobaston Road and Patshull Avenue.

WHY - The road will be closed in order to permit the construction of a new dual carriageway along Wobaston Road to serve the i54 development.


As a consequence, during this period buses will be diverted as follows:-


Service 3

  • Service3 will not serve Marsh Lane or Patshull Avenue during Monday to Saturday daytimes. Buses will run directly along Stafford Road in both directions between Oxley Moor Road and the Broadlands terminus at Fordhouses. Departure times of buses from Fordhouses will be revised as a result, with journeys departing later to take account of the shorter route. Times from Oxley Moor Road towards Wolverhampton, and on all journeys back towards Fordhouses, will be unchanged.
  • A special shuttle Service 3E will operate between the Patshull Avenue turning circle and Goodyear Island via Marsh Lane and Stafford Road every 20 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes to allow passengers to connect with Services 3, 4, 25A and 25C on Stafford Road. Single journey tickets purchased on the shuttle service will be valid for onward travel on Services 3, 4, 25A or 25C towards Wolverhampton, and vice versa.
  • During evenings and on Sundays - when shuttle Service 3E will not operate - Service 3 will additionally serve Marsh Lane and Patshull Avenue by operating a double run to and from the Patshull Avenue turning circle. Buses from Wolverhampton will run along Stafford Road, Marsh Lane, Patshull Avenue, turn around at Patshull Avenue, then run back along Marsh Lane, and Stafford Road to the normal Fordhouses terminus. Buses from Fordhouses will operate to the reverse of the above at these times. Journeys on Service 3 that operate the double run to and from Patshull Avenue will be marked as doing so in the special 3 timetable that will be available at www.nxbus.co.uk.


Services 6/6A

  • On account of the junction of Wobaston Road and Patshull Avenue being completely closed to all traffic, Services 6/6A will be unable to access their normal terminus on Patshull Avenue. All Service 6/6A journeys will therefore terminate at i54.


Services 25A and 25C

  • All Services 25A/25C journeys will operate along Stafford Road and Wobaston Road to and from the i54 for the duration of the closure.
  • Marsh Lane and Patshull Avenue will not be served by Services 25A/25C because buses will be unable to make the turn from Patshull Avenue to Wobaston Road.
  • As Service 25A/25C journeys will operate in both directions along Stafford Road and Wobaston Road, passengers are advised to check the service number of their bus carefully to check that it is travelling in the direction they wish to travel. If in doubt, please ask the driver when boarding.


Timetables for Services 6/6A and 25A/25C will be unchanged. However, Service 3 will depart Fordhouses later than they do normally but times from Oxley Moor Road towards Wolverhampton will be unchanged.


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