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Smart Network, Smarter Choices


Smart Network, Smarter Choices is a multi-million pound programme designed to tackle congestion, reduce carbon emissions and kick start the regional economy.

The project will carry out schemes - cycling, walking, public transport -  along ten corridors in the West Midlands to help economic growth, job creation and meet carbon reduction targets.

Four of the routes are in Sandwell and these are:

  • The Number 4 bus route - Walsall to Blackheath
  • Black Country West - A4123/A459
  • Connecting Dudley with Birmingham - A457
  • Wolverhampton to West Bromwich - A41

Each route will have measures or improvements to encourage people to travel sustainably.

This information will help briefly explain what these improvements will look like.


Number 4 Corridor

The Number 4 Corridor will see a number of new bus shelters being installed along the route. Also, some of the bus stops will feature new solar powered real time information screens which will make bus use much easier.

There will be road improvements at 20 key junctions along the route. Improvements will include upgrading traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and bus priority measures. These improvements, combined with those carried out through the Sandwell Bus Network Review, should deliver reduced congestion on major roads for all vehicles which in turn will mean faster and more reliable bus journeys.

Cradley Heath and Rowley Regis train stations will also benefit from walking and cycling improvements including improved signage, better lighting, upgraded pathways and secure cycle parking. Also, at Rowley Regis there will be real time information screens for the nearby bus stops to help people plan their onward journey.

Wolverhampton to West Bromwich Corridor

Like the Number 4 Corridor, the Wolverhampton to West Bromwich Route will see bus shelter upgrades and key junction upgrades to help reduce congestion and decrease journey time. There will also be real time information display boards installed at key bus stops and interchanges along the route.

Wednesbury Parkway Station will also see a package of measures including improved cycle storage, clearer signage and better lighting to help encourage more people to cycle and walk to the station.


Connecting Dudley to Birmingham Corridor

This corridor has already seen some great improvements over the past few years. These include the introduction of Red Routes and Bus Showcase measures along the route and the Burnt Tree Island works recently having been completed.

To further improve this corridor, there will be upgrades to four key junctions which will provide safer pedestrian crossing facilities and technology which allows buses to be prioritised. This will help the reliability and journey times of bus services along the route as well as helping pedestrians to use the route more safely.


Black County West Corridor

The Black Country West Corridor is also a corridor which has seen large investment over the past few years. As such, the focus on this corridor will be to improve small congestion hotspots to help improve journey times for all road users. We will also be implementing the package of 'smart choices' which are explained in the Smarter Choices section. The aim will be to help people move from their cars on to the well established public transport network.


Cycling and Walking

Cycling and walking around the district will become significantly easier as several route enhancements will see pedestrian and cycle links between all of the major towns improve. This includes improved cycle signage, route markings, crossings and advance stop lines at important junctions. Walking and cycling access to Metro and train stations will be improved through additional signage, lighting and improved pathways. There will also be key routes established into major employment sites to encourage and enable people to commute to work by bike.


Smarter Choices

All of these 'hard' measures will be accompanied by a range of 'soft' measures. These include travel plans which are a package of bespoke measures for individual companies, schools, colleges, universities, train stations and even residential estates, to help people get to and from them by bus, train, tram, bike, car share or walking.

There will be an expansion of our successful WorkWise scheme which helps jobseekers by offering free travel passes, transport advice and journey plans for job interviews and during the first three months of a new job.

More information visit the My Network website


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